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Welcome To The BCDCTX Blog

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Welcome to the blog of the Burnet County Democratic Club! Please consider submitting a post.

Our purpose here is to share more in-depth information, research and opinions about Club events, Democratic principles, local Democratic candidates and county, regional and national politics in a professional manner. Our audience comprises BCDCTX members and Burnet County Democrats (voters and non-voters) and people in Burnet County who hold Democratic values.

If you are a member of the Club, please consider submitting a post. We will edit them for grammar, punctuation and clarity, subject to your review.

A couple of things we won’t publish:

· We will not publish a third party’s content (words, cartoons, photos) without their express consent unless the item is officially in the public domain or available through a Creative Commons license (not just “on the internet” or “on Twitter” already).

· Posts may not attack individuals based on their personalities. References to abuse of their office must be factual and linked to external sources.

Our volunteers will do their best to promote the posts via the Club’s social media.

Thanks to Charles Watkins, who submitted our first post. Enjoy!

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