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Trump Does It Again

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

How many “suckers” have to suffer the consequences of Trump’s bad behavior before everyone figures out they have been duped by the world’s greatest con man?

It all goes back to (and predicted by) his transactional approach to life, well documented in his first book, “The Art of the Steal.” He says outright that his preferred approach is to create chaos, sit back and watch the fighting, then come in later and pick up the pieces.

Sound familiar?

Now he has done it again by being acquitted by the Senate – though does a bipartisan vote of 57-43 to convict sound like acquittal to you? Even Mitch McConnell said Trump is guilty as charged.

So who are the suckers who have lost this time? A couple of hundred rioters who will be convicted of real crimes, but not the inciter in chief. What about those 74 million people who voted for Trump? Do they yet realize that they were all duped by the Big Lie? How many politicians are now afraid for their lives because of their principled positions versus Trump and his domestic terrorists?

Now with Congress out of the picture, who is left to bring Trump to justice for all of his real crimes? The DOJ and individual states must charge, prosecute, convict, and imprison him for the GOP to survive, for all of us Americans to get the justice we deserve and to reset the behavioral bar for all future presidents. Keep your eye on Georgia and New York.

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