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Before I Go: The People Behind BCDCTX

I didn’t know a soul in Burnet County when I went to the inaugural meeting of the Burnet County Democratic Club a few years ago. I just knew I wanted to find people who believed that how a person lives their life isn’t anyone else’s business.

I found them.

Since then, I’ve served on the BCDC board alongside some phenomenal women who don’t always get the recognition they deserve. So, before I move out of Texas this week, I want to let you know who they are and why you should think about joining them.

Christine Garcia Bowman – Christine gets people registered to vote. She sets up and runs booths at events like the Blue Bonnet Festival. She’s the person behind the Club’s Instagram account and some of the delicious food made for Club meetings. She’s gone out of her way to make speakers feel welcome and done many other things I’m sure I am neglecting to mention.

Sandy Crosby – Whenever you see a meeting announcement in the Burnet Bulletin, the Daily Tribune or other local media outlet, thank Sandy. She writes press releases and gets them submitted on time. She also runs point on ads we create ourselves and ads we collaborate on with other groups (not an easy position to be in, believe me!). And she runs the Club’s Zoom meetings like she’s done it all her life.

BJ Henry – BJ is the heart of the enthusiasm and positive attitude of the Club. She runs the board and membership meetings, recruits volunteers, works to support the county party, fixes great food, plans events, brings in money, leads strategic planning sessions and does everything else a president is supposed to do. And she’s turned into a Twitter phenom! It’s her drive (and a truly supportive spouse, David) that has gotten the Club to where it is today.

Karen Mohan and Audrey Mohan – This mother-daughter team comprises the Club treasurer. Besides keeping track of money coming in, they file ethics reports with the state, reconcile bank statements, oversee accepting money at events, make sure bills are paid and people are reimbursed, and keep track of the budget. Audrey also created a Google Docs folder for the Club and is the go-to person for many digital questions.

Mary Thompson – Mary recruits speakers for monthly meetings and entertainment for parties. She takes on special projects as needed and is the first to help on committees. She steps into the president’s role any time BJ is unavailable. And as a lawyer, she’s often able to give an educated opinion about things the rest of us are only guessing at.

A few other mentions:

Shirley Schmidt – Shirley had to leave the board recently, but I have to mention how much her political experience and life experience, along with her kind heart, help us get started.

Herb Krasner and Charles Watkins – These two gentlemen heeded my call for blog posts and have written some fascinating articles. They are extremely committed to the cause, and it’s been my honor to be their editor. Keep an eye on them; they mean business.

Other people just as great have joined the Club’s board and committees: Joan Altobelli is putting together the Club's newsletter. Teresa Hernandez is creating graphic designs and refreshing the website. Jody Karr is representing the Club with other Democratic groups. Martha Van Vleck is the new secretary. (We'd still love to have someone doing Facebook, since I'm leaving.) These are ones I've been lucky enough to meet. I hope you get to know them all. They have new ideas and talents and are determined to turn Burnet County blue. If anyone can do it, this group can – if you help!

Thank you, BCDC board, for being my friends and fighting the good fight. I will miss you all.

- Cindy

Photo from my going-away party. These are seriously nice people.