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A Real-Life Horror Movie Starring Greg Abbott

Texans are waking up every day to an ongoing, real-life horror film called Abbott.

Like all Americans, Texans are facing the results of a supply-chain crisis along with higher food and gas prices. But what does Texas Governor Abbott, The Prince of Malevolence, spend his time and our money on? Ordering a faux “border security crack down” at the Southern border to be carried out by Texas DPS.

The script: AFTER the trucks have been cleared by federal agents with the US Customs and Border Protection, Abbott's state agents inspect the trucks for highway safety -- not checking inside the trailers for immigrants or drugs. It's a Trumpian gimmick resulting in frightening chaos, miles of trucks in line, angry truckers, rotting produce, and now a retaliatory blockade on Mexico’s side.

And that’s not all; the plot thickens.

Abbott sends buses crammed with of undocumented migrants to Washington, DC, to be simply abandoned between Union Station and the Capitol.

Abbott. Let's ensure his scheming acts of cruelty and horrors end in November.

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