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A Democrat's message for Republicans

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We interrupt our regular programming for an important message to our friends on the right: You really should get vaccinated. Really. Please.

Most of us over here on the left are baffled as to why you haven’t already, since most of the new cases of COVID are among the unvaxxed. But I think I understand: You are proving your loyalty. You are so deep into your movement that you will risk your life and those around you to show your commitment to taking back your country.

I get that today’s economic and social changes are overwhelming, that you find comfort among others who feel equally displaced, that you took a stand with your refusals to mask up and get the vaccine. You wanted to show that you cannot be coerced by a government you don’t trust.

I admit I don’t understand why you didn’t just call it the Trump vaccine and sing his praises while you got your shots, but that boat has sailed. The politicians aren’t going to tell you to do it, even though they all got the vaccine themselves.

I’m here to tell you that you can make your point and still save lives.

In politics, there are always so many things to be outraged about. On the right, it’s still election fraud, so why not go all-in with that? You’ll be with the same people, working toward the same ends. When this issue fades, you can move on to communism in schools or something.

With every outrage comes the same statements about being united against social change. Every outrage lets you show how you’re holding your ground and getting back at those who belittle you.

You don’t have to die to show solidarity. Just show up and speak out.

So go ahead, sneak off and get vaccinated. No one has to know. You can still hang out with the unvaccinated (as far as you know), but you and everyone else will be lots safer.