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2 Warnings Before You Vote Absentee or In Person This Month

Voting again isn't simple for Texans. Take note of these two warnings.

Warning #1: Two mailers instead of one.

You will receive two separate absentee ballot mailers. They aren't duplicates; these are for two separate elections: one for the candidates, and one for the propositions.

Why? Who knows. But it is causing a whole bunch of confusion and then extra work to prepare the return envelopes for mailing. So take your time and do it right.

Warning #2: Proposition 1 isn't as complicated as it seems.

Texas State Proposition 1 is one of the worst examples of language I have ever seen on a ballot. After some research, I was able to clarify the actual meaning of the proposition.

To use (almost) plain English, this proposition will compress the tax rate for school maintenance and operations (M&O) for homeowners who have an exemption for being 65+ or disabled. (It's just like what HB 3 did for homeowners back in 2019: School taxes are going down because of HB 3, and now this Proposition 1 will help seniors and people who are disabled receive the same benefit.)

So, a "yes" vote for Prop 1 supports amending the state constitution so that the legislature can lower the property-tax limit for school M&O taxes imposed on residents who are elderly or disabled so that the limit will reflect any tax-rate reduction enacted by law in the preceding tax year.

A "no" vote opposes amending the constitution for this purpose.

Read the full text of the proposed resolutions.

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